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Scratch Built Sprites

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Posted 26 November 2009 - 12:11 PM

If you enjoy doing things with sprites like re-colors and morphs and things, you're next step up is making your very own original sprite! The program I use for this is the very simple Paint. Here's how it works!

Step One- Outline: Your very first step is to make the outline of your sprite. I would use the magnifying glass and zoom in on x6 and work on the whole sprite there. It is easier to see every single pixel when you are doing free hand with the pencil tool. Try avoiding the pencil when you can though. The line tool is better when you are just going for a straight part of the sprite. You'll see what I mean when you're at that point. This outline includes everything you are going to fill in with color.

Step Two- Basic Colors: Once your outline is finished, Look at the bottom left corner of the screen, this is where your basic colors are. Use the paint bucket tool to fill in all the white voids with the proper color depending on what you're making.

Step Three- Shading: This is where your sprite really starts looking good! :D

After every void is splashed with color, use the paint brush tool to put a dot on the upper left corner of your sprite. Imagine that is the sun, and rays of light are coming down from it and hitting all different areas on you sprite. Before you do anything else, go to the toolbar on the top and click on colors and then from the drop down menu, edit colors. Make darker and lighter shades of the base colors you used. Now where those rays of light are hitting, use the lighter shades. Where they aren't hitting, is where the darker shades go. The farther away from the rays, the darker. The closer, the lighter. If it helps, draw the rays of light yourself!

Final Step- Fading: By now your sprite should look great! :D :D

Now to color your outline. To get a perfect finishing touch, you must fade the black outline to different colors on all different areas of the whole outline. On the lighter parts of the sprite you want to fade the outline to a dark version of what colors the outline is surrounding (Even darker than the shadows on you sprite.). And with that, your sprite is astounding, looking at it thinking that you made that work of art.

Optional- Experimenting: To see how good you did on your sprite if you want, try re-coloring it and see how hard or easy it was. If it was hard and took a while it's good. If it didn't take anytime it was a very easy 2-D sprite.

I hope you enjoy your own sprite! :pkin-grin:

And Happy Thanksgiving!

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