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Here, you have the opportunity to have your graphics rated and critiqued by other users.

Important note:
If you are giving ratings, please say more than just "9/10! Great!" That does not help the designer improve at all and it also breaks the 5 word rule.

When rating a graphic, you should justify the grade you gave by mentioning the following things:

1) One or more things that you liked about the graphic.
2) One or more things that you disliked about the graphic.
3) Suggestions on how the designer can make their graphic better, or areas the designer should work on.

Constructive criticism is strongly encouraged, but please remember to balance that out with some positive praise. Harassment and insults are not tolerated.

If you are the one receiving ratings, then you should be prepared for the aforementioned constructive criticism. Other users are trying to help you, so be mindful of their advice!

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Solty And Hollow Ichigo Sets

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Posted 26 March 2011 - 01:13 AM

I feel slightly inspired a few times, and here's the sets:



Solty Revant- Solty Rei



Hollow Ichigo- Bleach

Critics and ratings are very appreciated here :kitteh: I know it's a bit simple, though.

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Posted 31 March 2011 - 12:33 PM

This topic seemed so lonely so here I am.

#1: We'll start with the bad stuff, or stuff to be improved P: So the thing is the avatar doesn't match the signature really, like the way the styles are. You could try using the same style on the av that you did on the sig. Also, the border on the sig might be better off as a solid border because the corner in the top right is pretty white. You may want to just darken the level of transparency. Also, mayyyybe a different font. The darker half of the image is like screaming for the font to be there. Or you can use some brushes. Also consider zooming out the image or moving it a bit so that the top of her head is visible. And maybe a subtext if you have a good one to blend in.
Good stuff I like: The colours are great, easy on my eyes and they match, nice leaves. Also, the image is good especially the positioning of the eyes. Maybe even have a larger semi-transparent eye in the background... that might be creepy but try it. Nice sig.
Rating: 7. With potential for at least 9.

#2: Okay, so since your background image is a monochrome line image, put a background on the whole sig and then layer the background face shot over top. That could be a sweet transparency with a nice background, a simple one for example. Another thing about this set is that the text is hard to read. Try an angle; or move it, positioning is key. Also, I know you want a one-colour set, but in that case, the set should be really detailed, so again brushes are good, subtext, another image... little pictures fill space. You might want to jazz up the border.
Stuff I like: The fact that you have two images. Just try to fit them together more smoothly. I also like how the border kinda changes colour but doesn't interfere with the image. I also think the text itself is fine, but maybe make the "I have no name" a smaller/different font/italicized etc subtext, you know?
This one I'm going to give a 6 which seems harsh but if you just put some little things in this, it'll be much cooler.

Good job on putting stuff up to rate, btw. It's kinda nerve-wracking, but I hope you find something useful in my post that you use.

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