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To prevent unneeded strain on the wonderful graphic designers offering their services here at JN, we've put together some rules so that the designers are not overwhelmed or overworked.

If you do not follow these rules, you will be banned from this Graphics forum indefinitely. (Yes, we can restrict access to certain forums.)

1) You should only have one open request for a set/image at any given time.

2) You need to wait at least 2 full weeks before making any other request for the same graphic type. (For example, signatures, avatars, etc.)

3) Be sure to contact the designer for any corrections or things you'd like changed. They might have the .PSDs still on hand. ;)

4) If you have someone make your set, you MUST credit them in your signature! This is so other members can get a sampling of certain designers and their styles. (You need not credit yourself, though.)

5) If you do not see someone following these rules, please PM a moderator or administrator.

You also need to read: A Guide to Images, and The 10 Commandments of the Graphics Dept.
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Wanted: Set And Personal Photo! Gone missing, needs creation to come back!

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Posted 12 June 2011 - 04:42 AM

Hey everyone!

Seeing as most of the graphic stands are closed I thought I'd request here. If more than one person decides to respond I'll be fine with using both sets for at least two weeks each. :-) So, information about the signature first.

Images: Any of wolves, especially if they're howling. Also try and include one of the moon if that's possible. (Do not go for a werelupe though, I think they betray the definition of werewolves. Do not ask me why.)
Size: Doesn't matter as long as it's within the maximum.
Text: There's a full moon on the rise
Subtext: It gets me hypnotized
Font(s): Anything that'll suit the theme of the image.
Colour scheme: Dark, but not so much that the graphic's hard to see.

Now for the avatar. Yes I am borrowing the form from Clouds' stand. :P

Image: Either a wolf or a moon, I doubt both can fit.
Size: Same as above.
Text: Tara, or nothing. I don't mind which.
Font: Same as above except for nothing, in which case this would be unnecessary.
Colour scheme
: Same as above, if it's the moon leave it bright and therefore standing out on a dark background.
And now for the final one. The personal photo.

Image: Same as signature.
Size: Same as above.
Text: Lycanthrope
Font(s): Same as above.
Colour scheme: Same as above.

I know, a lot of same as aboves... I hope you manage to understand all that I said.

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