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Wanted: Set And Personal Photo! Gone missing, needs creation to come back!

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Posted 12 June 2011 - 04:42 AM

Hey everyone!

Seeing as most of the graphic stands are closed I thought I'd request here. If more than one person decides to respond I'll be fine with using both sets for at least two weeks each. :-) So, information about the signature first.

Images: Any of wolves, especially if they're howling. Also try and include one of the moon if that's possible. (Do not go for a werelupe though, I think they betray the definition of werewolves. Do not ask me why.)
Size: Doesn't matter as long as it's within the maximum.
Text: There's a full moon on the rise
Subtext: It gets me hypnotized
Font(s): Anything that'll suit the theme of the image.
Colour scheme: Dark, but not so much that the graphic's hard to see.

Now for the avatar. Yes I am borrowing the form from Clouds' stand. :P

Image: Either a wolf or a moon, I doubt both can fit.
Size: Same as above.
Text: Tara, or nothing. I don't mind which.
Font: Same as above except for nothing, in which case this would be unnecessary.
Colour scheme
: Same as above, if it's the moon leave it bright and therefore standing out on a dark background.
And now for the final one. The personal photo.

Image: Same as signature.
Size: Same as above.
Text: Lycanthrope
Font(s): Same as above.
Colour scheme: Same as above.

I know, a lot of same as aboves... I hope you manage to understand all that I said.

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