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A Suggestion For Making Updating Prices A Little Easier

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#1 allageron



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Posted 31 July 2011 - 12:07 AM

When I change categories in my mall which happens from time to time I like to help out by changing prices to near SSW low price. However if you could make it where I could go back to my search rather than me having to do my search every time I update a price it would make it where I would be much more willing to update all the prices rather than only a small handful.

Also I have not been updating the price when I sell "rarer" items as I am unsure what price you want put in. I was thinking of updating a price when I actually sell a HTS or high dollar item. Would this be the correct way of updating the price? I have noticed prices have at times been adjusted to my TP price (not by me) so it has caused me to wonder if I should go off my TP price or wait for it to be sold. I think the waiting route would be a much stronger indicator of the actual price people are paying.

Thanks so much for the help and usage you have provided to me.

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Posted 31 July 2011 - 12:34 AM

All major browsers have tabs now so you can open a new tab for the SSW and then have another tab with the Item Database search results in it. That way you can easily switch between Neo and JN while pricing.

Is that what you meant or am I misunderstanding something...?

If you are the only seller for an HTS item, then I don't think we can go on that, because you are free to sell at a steep discount or markup if you choose. HTS on the TP is tricky... I suppose it would depend on the number of sellers, their prices, and the difference between your asking price and final selling price. If there's a huge gap, then it might not be viable data.

#3 allageron



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Posted 03 August 2011 - 03:20 AM

Not quite what I mean.

I do my advanced search (this time spooky foods) I list price ascending 75 per page. As I am going through I notice Devilish Cake at 325 NP. I do a SSW search and see the cheapest one is 1299. I then go in and edit the price to 1300 (This item has a large difference so will be reviewed) page I get. Now I return to item info page. There is no option for me to return to my search page(and I have to redo my search each time I update a price). If I could do that I would probably update any item that was more than 100 points off rather then only the large difference items like this one.

P.S. on the high dollar items if I sell one should I update at the sold price? Have not been updating them at all as don't want to do it wrong. For instance there was a certain slushie that was low priced here I sold for 3,000,000. The price on JN was only in the mid hundred thousands. Since the item sold in the millions would it be appropriate for me to update the price then to 3,000,000? Since that was the price it sold for or should I just leave them alone?

Edited to clarify I sentence that did not make much since when I read it over.

Edited by allageron, 03 August 2011 - 03:21 AM.

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Posted 03 August 2011 - 06:09 AM

There are a couple of ways to avoid having to redo your search after you price an item:

Going with your example, you could open up a new tab for Devilish Cake by middle-clicking (or right clicking and choosing "Open in New Window" or "Open in New Tab"). Then, after you've changed the price in the new window/tab, you can just close the new window/tab and be right back at your search results.

Another way is to use the Back button on your browser: you would do the same thing you have been doing, except after you've submitted your adjusted price, just click Back few times (probably 3, but that's just a guess) and you will be back your search results again.

HTS are tricky; I know that I personally have to have a few reference prices before I can become comfortable updating a price on any item and since the prices people ask for HTS items tend to be all over the board it is difficult for me to come to a reasonable average. In the case of that slushie you sold, if there are others on the TP asking for a few million and the Item DB lists the price as in the "mid hundred thousands", please do submit a price change and someone will look at it. Also, feel free to take a screenshot of the end of your HTS auction and PM me here on the forums even if you don't submit a price change. The more information we have about an item's price, the better.

Thanks for your involvement with the Item DB!

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