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Second Story The beginning of a new story

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Posted 28 August 2011 - 12:10 PM

BANG! The story had finally finished, the book was closed.
He laid back on his chair, putting his quill back into the ink pot.
He could finally rest. But he wouldn't, he knew this wasn't the end to the new-coming adventures.
He knew not all was finished in this world, not all story's were written.
The man leaned forward in his chair once again, picking up his quill and setting it
on the newest page, of the newest book, for the newest story...The second story.

And what a story this newest addition would be! For this would be the age of new characters!
A selection of the finest worlds! A view of the most enticing story's.
New heroes, new villians, new magics, new fights!
New creatures, new lands, new ages, new might!
And what a fine storm of story's told by these characters, and such fine things
in a land as this will bring these characters to their plots.
As they bare the mysteries and wonders of what will bring them to their knees.

No Side-Plot's or Big-Plot's for everyone at the moment! Just live life and stuff.

Okei, so basically this is a new story, not really a main plot or anything, probably a lot of sideplots and stuff, and then they're might be a big plot for all of us. But when there's no plot for anything, just live life, make some problems and battles and stuff, and I'll tell you when there's any plots up. Side-plots can happen all the time, big-plots happen from time to time, so just be patient, they happen. Let's say it's midevil(Bah) times, if not, we all live in a village of some sort, and then there's...we'll figure it out on the way. ;D


Yeah, follow the JN rules and stuff, you know what to do.
Don't do godmodding, or living life'll be hard for ya.
Don't take over anyone unless they/I/mostly they let you.
Wanna have your side-plot? Ask me, I'll say wether or not you get it.
Yeah, this is a choose your species thing. So now overly-powered species/powers if you have 'em.
Do I need to say have fun? I do? Have fun!

Your Character Sheet Because You Might Join So You'll Need This Because I Need To Know Every Single Detail...I Don't, But Use It

Name: (Obvious)
Age: (Obvious)
Gender: (You've got one, you're not a Ditto)
Species: (What are you, just not so overly-powered)
Powers: (Or physicals, psychics and what-not. But not over-powered)
Appearance: (Picture or in full detail writing, I prefer full detailing writing)
Personality: (Traits too)
Background: (History 'n' stuff)

Peoplez I Acceptedededed

Name: Aénex Makander
Age: Possibly 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human-Magician, Wolf
Powers: Magics: Light, Dark, Sound, Sight. Psychics: Danger detection
Appearance: Aénex is tall and has a somewhat light-brown tan. He has long white hair tied near the bottom with a large black bead. His eyes are noticablly pure-gold but sometimes turn silver. He mostly wear a black, thin undershirt, beige shorts and khaki sandals, sometimes acquaintanced with a white waistcoat. For his other form he is a white wolf with pretty much the same clothes, all tattered an ripped, except no sandals and waistcoat.
Personality: Aénex is very flexible and stealthy. He can be mysterious most of the time but he is fun and cares for his allies. Along with this he is very curious and adventurous, and most of the time his curiosity gets the better of him.
Background: Aénex came from an unwanting family. He was always a wildchild because of that abd was always of somewhere on his own. One day, he was off off somewhere as usual and never came back. This was pretty much the start of his adventures as he came to the village. More will be found out on the way.

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