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The Transform Paradox

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#1 Luigi


    but first we need to talk about parallel universes

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Posted 09 November 2011 - 03:18 PM

So I wrote a story about the Transform Paradox, which is a paradox in Pokemon Red/Blue
You can read about it here:

The story does involve non-violent death, just to say.
I think the ending is kinda suckish
I hope you can leave a comment about my story when you're done reading it.

The Transform Paradox

There once was a trainer who caught a Ditto. His name was Jones. To many other trainers, this wasn’t special at all. But to this certain trainer, it was very special. Jones had never seen a Ditto before, and was very interested in it when he saw the Ditto use the move Transform. It looked exactly like his beloved Pikachu and acted like it too, so he very desperately wanted to catch it. Luckily he did, so he put all his Pokemon into his PC except for Ditto, and went to train. At Route 8, Jones met another trainer, who was named Kara. They began to battle. Jones sent out his Ditto, and Kira also sent out a Ditto.
“Ditto, use Transform!” Jones shouted.
Jones’s Ditto transformed into Kara’s Ditto, and Jones checked it’s moves. Only Transform.
“Ditto, use Transform as well!” Kara shouted to her Ditto.
She checked it’s moves, and only saw Transform. This process happened continually, both Trainers having their Ditto use Transform on the other. They didn’t notice the sky turning dark or light several times, or how hungry they were. The battle couldn’t stop until someone won. They battled for seven days and seven nights. On the eighth day, Jones and Kara were so exhausted, they both decided to forfeit. Both Dittos were recalled and both Trainers decided to rest a bit.
An hour later, Lyra was walking through Route 8 with her Typhlosion. Lyra had beat the Elite 4 several hours ago and now was taking on the Kanto Gyms. She saw two Trainers out cold on the ground. It appeared that they weren’t breathing, so Lyra ran over and checked their pulses. Both Trainers had no pulse. Trying to stay as calm as she can, she called the police with her Pokegear. They arrived five minutes later, with medical examiners in tow. Route 8 was closed down for the time. The examiners quickly decided the cause of death, which was exhaustion and starvation. One of the examiners, curious as why the Trainers died like this, noticed a Pokeball next to the Trainer. He picked it up and sent the Pokemon inside it out. An exhausted Ditto burst out. The examiner pulled an Oran Berry out of his pack and fed to the Ditto. He checked the other Trainer’s Pokemon, which was also a Ditto. After a while, no one could figure out why two Trainers died, so the bodies were removed and Route 8 was opened up again. The incident was forgotten over time, until one day, a young detective found the case. He read over everything over and over again, until he figured it out. The Trainers were trapped in an infinite battle, due to the fact Transform’s PP restored itself every time a Ditto Transformed. He told the lead officer his discovery, which the officer surprised about, as nobody could figure it out. It was announced in all the regions about the danger of traveling with only a Ditto. It drastically lowered the amount of people using Dittos in battle. People decided to call the paradox Transform could cause the Transform Paradox. That is why Dittos are so rarely used in the older days, as today people knew the dangers of using Ditto.

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Posted 10 November 2011 - 07:06 AM

I like it! It's funny. And the ending is better then the beginning xD

#3 Luigi


    but first we need to talk about parallel universes

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Posted 11 November 2011 - 01:46 PM

i decided to write an actual story
it's about the JFK assassination
The Doctor, Amy, and Rory figure out who really killed John F. Kennedy
it has no title right now
it's not very detailed right now, as i'm too lazy to detail it much
i didn't write the prologue either
also turned spellcheck and grammarcheck off, so stuff might be wrong
i'll throw more details in later
i'm writing this cos i had a lesson on the JFK assassination
and so some good ideas came

now heres chapter 1

It was a regular day on the TARDIS. Amy walked into the console room and noticed the Doctor reading a book, so she decided to inquire about it.

"Hello Doctor. What are you reading?"

"Hello Pond. I'm reading a book on the John F. Kennedy assassination."

"Whose John F. Kennedy?"

"Seriously, Pond? You really need to learn some American history. John F. Kennedy was an American president, but in his third year of service, he was assassinated. There are loads of theories surrounding it, including theories saying the assassination was part of a conspiracy, but there's pretty much no proof. This book is on a theory. You know what. Let's just go to the day he died and see what really happened. Right now."

The Doctor got up, put his book down, and started running around the console, flipping switches and pressing buttons. The TARDIS started wheezing and groaning, as it dematerialized to head off to wherever the Doctor was planning to go. Several minutes later, it materialized in an alleyway.

“Where are we, Doctor?” Amy looked down at the street they were on.
“Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, at 11:42am, 48 minutes before John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Kay, that way, Ponds.”
They walked a bit till they reached a grassy knoll, with a building in the distance.
“That building is the Texas School Book Depository, where the supposed assassin Lee Harvey Oswald shot from. Okay, it’s 12:10pm, so we got 20 minutes till the assassination. I need to go look at something, so you stay here, Ponds.”
The Doctor came back 15 minutes later.
“So, I will watch the knoll, you two watch the Depository. If you see any movement on the sixth floor, yell or something. Kay? Good. It’s nearly time now.”
They watched as the limousine started coming down the street. It was nearly time to find out who really killed John. F. Kennedy.

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