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How Many Plots Have You Participated In?

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#1 Clouds



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Posted 29 March 2012 - 07:18 PM

Here's a list of all the plots Neopets has released so far.

The Lost Desert Plot was my very first plot. I wasn't very good at following plot guides at the time, so I ended up getting only a thousand prize points. Still, a Sand Mite trophy is better than nothing, and I got the theme.

The puzzles may have flown over my head, but I did follow the comics with great curiosity. I was as surprised as anyone when Nabile declared her love for Jazan, and I too was fooled by the false ending. Apparently, I thought it was a good love story at the time.

The first mini-plot I actually finished was the Altador Plot, and the first "real" plot I finished was the Tale of Woe. I didn't do too bad at it (the Tale of Woe), either; I bought a Ghost Paint Brush with the points I earned and painted my Acara with it.

I did participate in the Cyodrake's Gaze plot, but I only got one answer correct, so I was not awarded any prizes. (Secretly, I do not find Hoban's hat stylish at all.) Here are my guesses -- feel free to giggle at them :P:

Who pushed Hoban? Anshu
When did he fall? 3:00
Where on the ship did he fall? aftdeck
Where is Hoban now? F6
Do you like Hoban's hat? Yes, it's very stylish.

Later, I participated in these plots:
  • Journey to the Lost Isle
  • Return of Dr. Sloth
  • Operation: Petpet Park (if it counts; this one didn't give a trophy)
  • Atlas of the Ancients
  • The Faeries' Ruin
My first plot could've been Curse of Maraqua, but I was a newbie who didn't even know what a plot was back then. When I read (and became obsessed with) the comics, I deeply regretted not learning about its existence sooner.

#2 Summra


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Posted 29 March 2012 - 09:15 PM

Neopian nostalgia wheee!

My very first one *should* have been TRoDS (the original 2004 incarnation), but that was obviously scrapped. Therefore, my first one was HatIC. To be honest, at the time I thought the best way to show support for Hannah's side was to create a Bori, and thus my third pet was born; I still have her. She's a very important part of my Neohistory and Neofamily. :D

I've, at the very least, participated in every plot for at least one step (saving the off-site plots/games). AotA and the true TRoDS were sadly neglected as far as full out dedication is concerned, but I did manage to receive *some* points. Yay real life getting in my way? Overall, my best participation was in TFR and LD.

I still kick myself for not joining a few months before I did, since BoM would of been going on. Believe it or not, I started with the card game, and by the time one of my friends found out about my infatuation with Meridell and introduced me to the site, the plot was three months over. :(

#3 Yannikip


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Posted 29 March 2012 - 09:20 PM

Plots I have partcipated in : 3
From the one's I first finished
  • Atlas of the Ancients - Since it was my 1st plot, I didn't know what to do but The JN AotA guide helped me a bit. I was bad at games(My acc. was still about 5 months old) and I wasn't really active that time so I got the lowest trophy (It's better than nothing, right?).
  • The Faeries Ruin- I got the Master of Insults trophy (5/7)! JN really helped me here so I got a whoopng 55,520 points! Thank you so much JN
  • Altador Mini-Plot- I recently finished this (about a week ago) so this goes to no. 3 on my finished plots. I've done this plot for about 2 years. I've used JN's guide for the whole plot (Constellation Finder as the most used). Some parts irrtated me like the petpet and The Water Distribution Plant.
That's all! I wish I signed up earlier. I really wanted to participate on the ToW plot since it looked intiresting.

#4 Yuki_Hitsugaya



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Posted 29 March 2012 - 09:24 PM

I just got back on, so I've only particpated in one plot.

Altador mini-plot

I'm hoping to do more in the future.

#5 Joey the Jojo

Joey the Jojo


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Posted 30 March 2012 - 12:28 AM

Well, let's see. I might get these mixed up a bit, forgive me if I do.

My first plot was the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. I wasn't a somewhat competent Battledomer back then, but I managed to get an amazing 9 points on the hero side. (Amazing, right?)

After that was the Maraqua plot. I was much more competent in the line of battling at this point, which allowed me to rack up 112(I made sure to stop at a 12, it's lucky.) points as a Warrior for Maraqua.

This marked the end of the war plots, to my extreme discontent. So came along the Lost Desert plot, which I failed majorly at, only gathering 10,400 points.

Following this was Altador, which is nothing interesting to discuss. Here's where I get mixed up on order, the Haunted Woods plot. I did decently with this one, gaining 13,090 points.

Then came my least favorite thing ever: The Cyodrake's Gaze plot. Long story short, I messed up every question except when I lied about Hoban's stupid hat. I was INCREDIBLY bitter over this one, as it meant that I could never get all the sidebars. Ever. I loved collecting those things. Q_Q

Following that stupid trainwreck was the Return of Dr. Sloth plot, where I gained 44,210 points, which is something to call home about. That second step... I don't care about the periphery demographic, you have to admit, that was too freaking hard. And then they outlawed the use of calculators... GJ, TNT. GJ.

And lastly (I think) was the Journey to the Lost Isle plot. Long story short, it was stupid, waste of time, blah blah.

By this point, I grew sick of Neopets and took my leave. So yeah.

#6 Monobear



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Posted 30 March 2012 - 03:11 AM

Well, I've been around since 2006, yet haven't participated in the old plots. -_-

Faerie Plot

#7 Dream


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Posted 30 March 2012 - 03:56 AM

My first plot was Hannah and the Ice Caves. I followed the comics with bated breath, but as a newbie I was a pretty terrible Battledomer and they didn't include any other kind of step (what the, TNT?) so it didn't have that much to offer me. Nevertheless, I understood the gravity of the situation, and did my level best to help out. I thwacked monsters, and bought medicine for my Battledoming friends whose pets were sick. And got a measly plastic skeleton for my dedicated work. -_- I still found the story exciting, though.

Then came the Curse of Maraqua. Knowing I was still a poor Battledomer, I signed up as a supporter in the hope I'd be able to put in some better effort, only to be faced with having to buy 100k+ items for a single point. I struggled on as best I could. One unintended consequence was that when a labbie I'd been attempting to foster changed gender, I couldn't change her back, since the Lab Scientist had gone into hiding. She had to stick around far longer than intended, being crotchety and gender-confused at visitors. By the time I could actually get her back to officially being a her, I had grown so attached that I decided to keep her as a permie.

However, my lesson had been learnt: "plots" were evidently only for rich people, the lucky ones who could spend a few hundred thousand NP like it was nothing and train their pets to ridiculous extremes. They were clearly not meant for the ordinary likes of me. So the next time something calling itself a plot came up, I decided I was better off just ignoring it (beyond what seemed to be an easy and cheap first step, which tallied with what I'd seen in the CoM -- supporting had been easy for all of four hours or so before the prices spiked) and leaving it to its target audience while I got on with regular Neopian life.

And that, cats and kittens, is how I missed the freakin' Lost Desert Plot. To this day I am furious.

The mini-plots were nothing to write home about; I completed the Altador one, but only with a lot of help, and can't even remember if I participated in the Cyodrake's Gaze. Operation Petpet Park a few years later was far too easy to be interesting. But the Tale of Woe, now, that was a different story entirely. I'm normally the exact opposite of a golden-ager, but when I think of glory days on Neo, this is what I will always come back to. For the first time, I felt genuinely caught up in Neopian history -- not as a bystander/historian reading plot comics, but as a real participant. I got thrown together with owners and pets I'd never met to work on tasks. We weren't always sure what we were meant to be doing but by the heck, we were going to do it. Mundane tasks got transformed into epic teamwork as we became Insane Testers of Impossible Odds -- now there's an imaginary badge I will never discard. It was frustrating, but never not fun. To be honest, I've been chasing that feeling ever since.

I enjoyed Journey to the Lost Isle as far as it went, but frankly, it never went very far. The untimely curtailment of that plot still puzzles me. I worked hard, and developed a bit of a thing for Roxton while I was there, but I never felt connected and epic and one of the Little Things That Make The Big Things Happen in the same way as I had with ToW.

When Dr. Sloth finally declared war on Neopia once again, I was unlucky enough to be in France without fixed Internet. I did my best, but I was always going to be destined to miss most of the plot steps, something I'm a bit sore about. If that telecom company hadn't lost my modem in the post... Missing bits of important history always gets my goat, for whatever reason.

I threw myself wholeheartedly into Atlas of the Ancients, determined not to miss another plot, but on an old computer it was never going to be a lot of fun, and the game-centric nature of the plot made me feel like I was working in isolation a lot of the time. I didn't think much to the new characterisation of Roxy, either. Still, I worked hard, even to the point of taking my laptop to a meetup weekend with some online friends so that I could carry on completing steps (and hopefully not miss ALL of the wretched timezone benefits -- TNT seriously dropped the ball on that one.)

TFR rocked my socks, although still not as much as the Tale of Woe (it'll take something pretty special to dethrone that in my memory). I didn't do that much Battledoming, but I worked hard on all the other steps and got mad/sad/triumphant/shocked with the rest of Neopia's little army. It was also the first plot I had the privilege of blogging as it happened, which means I can look back on my real reactions and feelings from each step instead of remembering the whole thing as a single image or emotion.

I still hope that a plot is going to top ToW for me one of these days. The possibilities are endless!

#8 Mettaton


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Posted 30 March 2012 - 05:22 AM

Well, let me have a go.

Isle Seeker- I have a trophy for this, but don't know why. I didn't know what a plot was, or how to do it. Yet I get a trophy. All I did was read a little comics. I guess that's just what I think I did.
Return of Dr. Sloth- I got annoying sidekick here. I still didn't know about plots then, I just faced some guys in the BD and 'accidentally' stumbled into the maze part of the plot, as I was just looking for a game, and thought it was fun.
AOtA- This was a waste of a plot. It disappointing me because it was my first plot done with JN's help. But, haters gonna hate.
Faerie Ruins- I got enough done to be proud of myself.

#9 Jacob Frye

Jacob Frye

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Posted 30 March 2012 - 12:06 PM

The plots I have Participated In were:

The Altador Plot

I personally think this is Medium plot (with the Jellyneo Constellation Finder), But hard without it, and the patience you got to have with this, also, with the water pipes, it's also fairly easy.

The Faerie's Ruin

The first BD plot I have participated in. I was shocked when Xandra was revealed to be the person who wants to bring down faerieland, But I dont blame her, I actually agree with Xandra.. :kukuku:..But fighting Oblivion... :argh: ...I was almost depressed when Hanso got turned to stone at the end, and Hubrid Nox got killed (YAY! :whoot:)

The Mystery Of Krawk Island

No Information....

:yup: :awesomeosaurus:

#10 Val



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Posted 01 April 2012 - 06:57 PM

These are the plots I have done so far I joined Neopets a little late, so I didn't get to join in the other plots that were started.
  • Operation: Petpet Park
  • Atlas of the Ancients
  • The Faeries' Ruin

#11 Winduko


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 11:47 PM

I only did Operation: Petpet Park. xDD

I missed Atlas of the Ancients and The Faeries' Ruin (I deeply regret not participating in that plot) due to hiatus.

I sort of did Journey to the Lost Isle and The Return of Doctor Sloth, but I didn't think I could do anything, and my parents told me not to do the latter, therefore reinforcing the first thing. xP

I also did the Cyrodrake's Gaze ...on all of my frozen accounts because I was an idiot back then. xDDDDD

#12 Mika says

Mika says

    i miss this

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 07:13 PM

Only Altas of the Ancients and Faeries' Ruin.
Why? Because back in 2004 or 2005 when I made my 4 accounts (I was crazy) for no reason, I didn't do plots or anything, if there was any...
I just went to the soup kitchen every day for about half a year. Then I quit, and then in 2008, I made two accounts. Then one got frozen, so both plots were on my side account (which I became active on around 2010).

I probably missed out on good site themes, hm?

#13 Haduo


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Posted 17 April 2012 - 07:53 PM

Only the Altador Plot, because it's available at any time.

Yeah, that's it, because I usually miss out plots.

#14 Kuroyukihime


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Posted 21 April 2012 - 03:06 PM

During the first time I've joined Neopets, I have no idea what a plot is and ended up missed the Lost Desert one.

And the plots I've participated:

- Altador
- Cyodrake's Gaze (got the site theme and avatar despite being Lucky Guesser)
- Tale of Woe (my first major plot I've participated)
- Journey to the Lost Isle
- The Return of Dr. Sloth
- Operation: Petpet Park
- Atlas of the Ancients
- Faeries Ruin

#15 Gadgetphile



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Posted 22 April 2012 - 07:33 AM

2. AotA and The faeries' ruin. (I can see my account is so old I could have participated in one more. I'm not sure why I missed it.)

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